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They really fell in love with swimming...


Todd W.

Malden Aquatics helped me a ton last summer. I needed swim lessons for my two boys who had barely spent any time in a pool prior. After just a few lessons with Malden Aquatics, the boys were excited about swimming and hungered for more! The members of the staff that I met were excellent with my children and seemed experienced and courteous. My boys cannot wait for more swim lessons this summer! They really fell in love with swimming in just weeks. I definitely recommend their courses to any parent looking for swim lessons for their children. They even do classes for adults who need swim instruction. I'm a huge fan!

Marc & Ivy

Our son was able to doggy paddle in the water on his own, but after a few lessons with Malden Aquatics, he was doing the front crawl.  Having a swim instructor who was also a certified teacher made a big difference in how Scott learned.  Heated pools and water slide were a plus.

Janet P.

My daughter really enjoyed taking the babysitter training course with her friends.  Instructor was very friendly and professional.  Would reccomend signing up for a course.

Debbie M.

The lifeguard training was really fun and exciting.  I didn't expect to have such a good time coming to class!

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