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Pool Parties

Due to current restrictions, we will not be offering pool party services during the 2021 summer season.


Interested in hiring a lifeguard for your next pool party?

Malden Aquatics provides your party with the safety and entertainment your child deserves. Certified lifeguards will come to your home/facility and provide the supervision and entertainment needed to enhance your aquatic experience. Our lifeguards provide fun in water and land activities that are safe and appropriate for all ages. If you are looking for that extra splash of fun or just want the supervision that only a trained professional can provide, call or email to register now!

A few of our pool and land activities include:

* Water Volleyball (Pool volley ball net is provided)
* Pool basketball (Inflatable hoop is provided)
* Water wheel races
* Kickboard and swim races
* Water balloon toss
* Free Swim
** Swim toys and equipment are available upon request.

Payment & Cancellation Policy

A 20% deposit must be provided prior to party in order to secure a lifeguard and their services. Pool Parties must be cancelled 1-week prior to meeting in order to reschedule. Cancellations of pool parties without a 1-week notice will result in loss of deposit.

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