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What Makes Malden Aquatics so Special?

  • Malden Aquatics instructors are certified teachers!  Our instructors have a true passion for teaching and have made it a life-long career.  



  • You are not locked into any contracts!  If you have purchased a swim lesson package and wish to cancel, we will return payments for any unused lessons and simply prorate your previous sessions.



  • Our hours are not simply 9-5. We answer our phones and call back during extended hours.



  • We offer Online Blended Learning Courses (BLC).  Begin your American Red Cross course from the comfort and convenience of your own computer!



  • Our flexible scheduling works around YOUR needs. We will provide you with the same instructor in order to build a relationship of trust and respect.



  • We offer lessons and courses at our facility as well as your home.  We give your child every opportunity to feel comfortable, confident, and successful.



  • We offer FREE workshops for parents, children and community members throughout the year.  Stay informed on how to keep your child safe in and outside the pool environment.



  • Although a course might end, our involvement with our students continues.  All course participants are enrolled into our job placement program and receive important updates regarding their American Red Cross certifications.



  • Our instructors understand the importance of creating an exciting and engaging course/lesson. Students leave our courses knowledgeable and confident, while having fun!



  • Student surveys are used by instructors to tailor the learning experience to each participant’s needs and interests.



  • Our high quality facility, expert instructors, and personalized service make Malden Aquatics the number one choice for all of your American Red Cross and aquatic needs!






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