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Online Blended Learning Courses

We are excited to offer you Online Blended Learning for Lifeguarding & WSI!

Blended learning combines online learning with on-site skills sessions, where you will practice skills and demonstrate competency.  The online material is presented to you at the comfort and convience of your own personal computer.  Begin the course at a pace that best suits your learning needs and get a head start on your next American Red Cross course!


Blended Learning Courses will be marked with a BLC next to the class.  The description next to Day 1 of a blended learning courses is, "Online Pre-requisite Material."


Please plan to complete the initial online lessons of your training at least two days prior to your first on-site skills session.  Online material takes on average 6 hours to complete.


In order to access your online content, you will be required to register and submit a $28.00 payment on the American Red Cross website.  The $28.00 fee has already been discounted from all BLC courses.  Please follow the steps below after registering and submitting your payment to Malden Aquatics.



How Do I Register?


Please follow the registration process outlined below to gain access to the online portion:  


1. A deep link for the class offering will be emailed to you after registering with Malden Aquatics.  You will receive the deep link 2 weeks prior to the start date of your course. (If the link provided does not open, copy and paste the URL into your browser). 


2. If you do not already have an American Red Cross account, you will need to create one – click the “New User” link and complete the information for the account – please make note of your username and password for future access to the online content. If you have a family member who has taken an American Red Cross Course, it is important to use a unique email when registering. 


3. The next step will be to click “Confirm.” You will be asked to select a Payment when registering for a WSI course.  From the drop-down menu, select credit card.  After entering your payment information you will be asked to “Place Order."  You will not be required to submit payment for a lifeguard/lifeguard review course.


You are now enrolled. You may launch the content immediately by:

Clicking the “Go To My Enrollments” button, then click the “Launch” link next to the appropriate course.


You may log in at a later time. To log in at a later time click:

Enter your username and password.  Go to the “My Learning” tab and the “My Enrollments” page will be displayed. Select the “Launch” link for the appropriate course to view and take the content.


Online content should take on average 6 hours to complete.



*There are NO refunds for participants who fail the pre-requisite swim at the beginning of Day 1.  Participants who fail the pre-requisites will not be able to attend the rest of the lifeguarding course.



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