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Camp & Lifeguard Training

Malden Aquatics will come to your camp or facility and certify / re-certify your staff. We provide training in lifeguarding / waterfront, CPR/AED pro, and first Aid. Our instructors will give your management staff the tools needed to effectively run their swim program.

Services include:

Certifying / re-certifying employees in:
* Waterfront Lifeguarding (Non-surf waterfront facility i.e. lake or beach)
* Lifeguarding (Traditional pool)
* CPR/AED for the professional rescuer
* First Aid

* Epi-Pen Training

Certifying & Training head lifeguards / waterfront directors in:

* How to effectively run a swim instruction program

* Lifeguard Management

Lifeguard Management

Learn to:

1.  Ensure the safety of both the lifeguarding team and facility patrons
2.  Supervise and train the lifeguard team
3.  Supervise the safety inspection, general care and cleaning of the facility

The course will:

* Provide counseling on how to properly train and maintain an efficient lifeguard staff.
* Assist you in understanding the responsibilities as a lifeguard supervisor and guides you in

  meeting the challenges of your role.
* Enhance your ability to process risk management and optimize managerial tasks such as budgeting,

  purchasing, programming and pool operations.

Find out why top camps such as Camp Morry, Deerkill Day Camp, The Nature Day Camp, Ramaquois Day Camp and more have used Malden Aquatics.

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